-:- Terms & Conditions -:-

    (01). For a new service, invoice can be cancelled within 10 days and is eligible for refund if service is covered under money back guarantee. For more details refer link https://www.shubhsoftsolution.com/acceptable-user-policy.html/. However, an invoice for renewal of a service will not be cancelled and is not be eligible for refund.


   (02). It is recommended to make payments online via your customer panel, preferably via Credit Card/Debit Card/ UPI or Internet Banking. You must pay only in company bank accounts, Payment on other account are not acceptable. Please note, if you are making payment by online transfer to our bank account, it may take up to 7 days to process your payment. It is recommended that you share transaction details on info@shubhsoftsolution.com to identify such transfer faster.


    (03). By paying the invoice, Customer/Subscriber acknowledges that the nature of the service purchased, and the rates and charges have been communicated to him and the same are accepted by the Customer. Customer/Subscriber is aware that the company, at its sole discretion, may change the specified rates and charges from time to time.


    (04). Shubh Soft Solution retains full rights to charge for or alter specifications or discontinue any of the services/features offered under the various schemes at any time, without any prior notice due to unavoidable circumstances. User must to keep backup regularly or daily for safety of data. Shubh Soft Solution is not responsible for such.


    (05). Payment should be made prior to usage of the service or as per agreed terms to keep your services running. Interest shall be charged @ 2% monthly, compounded half yearly on delayed payments.

           (A). Sample calculation of late fee charges is shown below:

* Interest rate per month: 2%

* Any dispute shall be reported within 7 days from receipt of invoice to info@shubhsoftsolution.com

   (06). In the event of non-payment of any invoice within the due date, Shubh Soft Solution reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the services without any notice Shubh Soft Solution will NOT be responsible for any loss of data in such scenarios.  In the scenario of a pending overdue amount, the customer/partner will NOT be able to procure any new services/upgrade existing services until such time, the overdue amount is paid.

    (07). In any event of dispute, the area of Jurisdiction shall be Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh (India) only.